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Health Service

Every employer, whether from the production or non-production sphere, with one or more employees is obliged by law to supervise working conditions. We supervise the working conditions for the 1st and 2nd category of work and we also draw up operating rules.

Safety at Workplace

We prepare basic health and safety training for employees, which according to the law must be renewed every two years. We will compile a health and safety book for you with the necessary guidelines directly for your workplace, including a trauma plan, health and safety policy and safe working procedures.

Operating rules

We offer the possibility of elaborating tailor-made operating rules and assistance in their approval by hygiene. We can process order for operation, as well as for the work factor. We will make any changes or additions at our own expense.

Hygienic minimum

In addition to mandatory health and safety training, you will also find professional training for exams - the Hygienic Minimum. This course is voluntary and supervised by an instructor with an andragogy minimum who specializes in lifelong adult learning.

Our certifications 

Occupational health service permit 

Provision of health supervision for the 1st and 2nd category of work on the basis of a permit from the Public Health Office number OPPL / 7444 2021 

Safety technician certificate 

Authorization to provide Security Technician services on the basis of a trade license certificate number OU-TT-OZP1-2021 / 021452-4 

Lecturer certificate/andragogical minimum 

Authorization for teaching activities issued by an educational institution accredited by the Ministry of Education of the Slovak Republic