Workplace Health Surveillance

It is a service provided by natural or legal persons to employers, including those who employ only one person, whether on a permanent basis or by agreement. This service represents health supervision of working conditions and provides professional and advisory activities to the employer to fulfill its obligations in the field of protection and promotion of health at work. We carry out health supervision in the workplace Public Health, who specializes in research on working conditions and has experience with various types of workplaces from industrial production to medical facilities.

Who can be health surveillance in the workplace? 

Supervision of working conditions may be performed only by public health workers and physicians on the basis of the authorization of the Public Health Authority of Slovak republic. This competence was revoked by a security technician in 2017 in the amendment to the Act of the Ministry of Health of the Slovak Republic no. 355/2007 Coll. on the protection, promotion and development of public health. The employer may provide health surveillance at the workplace in two ways: 1. by a supplier method or 2. by his own employee who is professionally qualified. 

How is health surveillance performed in the workplace? 

The health care provider shall perform a personal inspection of the workplace, assess working conditions and based on the assessment, identify health risks from exposure to occupational factors, prepare a risk assessment document, draw attention to work with an increased risk of damage to workers' health and propose measures to reduce or eliminate workplace risks. In addition, it provides advice to employers and employees, especially in organizing work and rest of employees, planning the introduction of new technologies and work procedures. Health surveillance also includes education and training in the field of protection and support of employees' health and various courses and trainings. 

Does every employer have to an occupational health service? 

Yes, the obligation to assess risks at the workplace in cooperation with the occupational health service is imposed by law on all employers, without exception, whether from the manufacturing sector or non-manufacturing, also for companies performing administrative or business activities. Even employers who employ only one person have this obligation, and the type of employment relationship does not matter (main employment and secondary employment agreement). Self-employed person - an entrepreneur who does not employ other persons and performs work classified in the third category or fourth category, is also obliged to ensure an assessment of the health risk from exposure to the factors of work and the working environment. An entrepreneur who does not employ other natural persons and does not perform work included in the third or fourth category of work may provide himself with adequate health supervision with regard to specific risks at work, but the law does not impose this on him as an obligation.

What are the benefits of an occupational health service ?

  • prevention of occupational diseases 
  • optimization of working conditions 
  • compliance with legislative obligations in the field of protection and promotion of public health 
  • representation in communication with state health supervision authorities 
  • advice and consultation on working conditions and health protection 


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