What courses and training do we offer? 

 In addition to basic health and safety training, which must be attended by all employees at least every 24 months, we also offer an additional preparatory course for those interested in working in the food industry - Hygienic minimum training. Our trainings and courses are led by a lecturer with an andragogical minimum, ie with the right to educate adults and issue certificates of completion of courses.

Course Hygienic minimum 

It is a preparatory course for candidates who want to work in gastronomy or perform epidemiological important activities and are not trained in the field, but need to have a certificate of competence to work, which is issued only by the relevant regional authority on the basis of passing the exam. We can train you for these tests and prepare you to work with food. 

Safety and health training  

Basic health and safety training This training must be provided by the employer at least once every 24 months and is mandatory by law for all employees. It contains, in particular, the rights and obligations of employees, such as the provisions which the employee is required to comply with at the workplace in order to maintain safety and health, how to work, how to behave at the workplace, what to do in case of accident, incident, fire or evacuations, etc. As part of internal health and safety training, some employees must be acquainted for work at heights or for driving motor vehicles up to 3.5 tons for the purpose of performing work duties. 

Advantages of cooperation with us: 

  • we will design and prepare the necessary training based on the assessment of the workplace and job description without additional price 
  • increase we will keep and control the records of completed trainings and monitor their validity 
  • We will notify you in advance by email about the need to renew OSH training

What is the price of each training? 

We provide basic and legally mandatory health and safety training for a favorable price of 20 euros per person. 

You can get the Hygienic minimum for examinations for the performance of epidemiologically serious activities in our country for the price of 40 euros per person. We provide a discount to employers for several participants from one company. 

Are you interested ?