Are you looking for an occupational health service, a safety technician or do you need operating rules? You are in the right place.

Health Service

Health surveillance of working conditions for 1. and 2. work category 

We provide risk assessment in the workplace, from the identification of work factors, job categorization to the preparation of an official document.

Safety at Work

Safety technician and health and safety training services

We assess the workplace in terms of safety and compliance with legislation and develop guidelines for mandatory health and safety.

Courses from the Lecturer 

Professionals trainings and seminars for your company

We provide occupational health and safety training and provide a professional course Hygienic Minimum, which prepares those interested for the work of epidemiologically important activities. The lectures are led by a lecturer who specializes in lifelong adult education. 

 Operating Rules

For different types of workplaces and work factors 

Have the operating rules prepared for your workplace or in connection with the work factor that occurs at your workplace. Until the order is approved, we will be at your disposal and we will make any adjustments at our own expense.

HWORK Occupational Health Service is one of the proven companies 

We belong to the list of LEGAL PERSONS who perform the activity of occupational health service for employees performing work included in categories 1 and 2 (supervision of working conditions) according to § 30aa par. 2 letter a) to d) of Act no. 355/2007 Coll. on the protection, support and development of public health on the basis of a report from the Public Health Office of the Slovak Republic. The list of permitted companies is issued by ÚVZ SR - CLICK.

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 The report will be prepared by an expert in Public Health, who has experience with various types of workplaces.


Don't wait for your documentation for months. We guarantee its fast delivery and subsequent training with its contents. 


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